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SIGNOMAT S2000[View Product Image]

Signomat S2000 is especially suited to medium and mass scale electrolytic marking. It can custom made to work as partial or fully automated system.


  • Ten marking programs per option are freely programmable.

  • Load of Most recently used job start up.

  • Cycle marking with up to 20 strokes repetitions in combination of different parameter settings for light and dark marking currents.

  • Depth marking.

  • Multiple stations with up to eight outputs parallel and sequential.

  • Integrated overheat protection for stencils. 


  Dimensions (Width/Height/Depth)   362, 160, 315 mm
  Main Voltage   115V / 230V 50/60 Hz (internally adjustable)
  Marking Voltage   12V / 18V / 24V
  Marking Current   4A
  Current Types   Dark or light
  Output   300 VA
  Main Fuse   2 AT
  Weight   12.5 Kg
  Noise Level   20 dB
  Operation Modes
Manual Mode 1

Manual Mode 2

Automatic Operation
The marking procedure is starting when contact is made with the part.

The marking procedure is starting by foot switch, setting up mode.
  Awarded with the "GS" sign for proved safety.

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