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SIGNOMAT S1[View Product Image]

Signomat S1 is especially suited to medium and mass scale electrolytic marking. It can custom made to work as partial or fully automated system.


  • Especially suitable for coloured metals & aluminum.

  • For large markings* For medium and mass production.

  • Fast adjustment between automation and manual operation.

  • Choice of marking voltage 12/18/24 V.


  Dimensions (Width/Height/Depth)   265, 295, 275 mm
  Main Voltage   115V / 230V 50/60 Hz (internally adjustable)
  Marking Voltage   12 V
  Marking Current   4A
  Current Types   Dark or light
  Output   40 VA
  Main Fuse   4A over-current protection switch 0.63A (1A) fuse
  Weight   4 Kg
  Noise Level   20 dB
  Awarded with the "GS" sign for proved safety.

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