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This is one of the most versatile marking devices. Its fully portable making it most convenient to use & work around with. It is most sturdy & uses minimal power consumption & it needs practically very little servicing. It has a integrated controller, with pressure regulator, air filter & power supply unit.


  • Marking Area of 110 x 30 mm.

  • 2 Versions in LC (Low-Cost) and HP (High-Performance).

  • Independent without PC, Application-oriented models.

  • Permanent direct part marking in seconds.

  • Sturdy, industry-oriented.

  • Low consumption and little servicing.

  • Integrated controller, pressure regulator, air filter and power supply.

  • I/O-Interface.

  • Scanning of Logos & Barcodes (optional).

  • Teach function, Password protection & Serial Numbering.

  • Manually height-adjustable column with base plate (optional).

  • Remote Control (optional).

  • LCD Display, 60 Alphanumeric Keys with multiple functions.

  • 1.5 mts long Power cable.


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