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What is Electrolytic Marking

Electrolytic marking involves low investment & is very effective for permanent marking on electric conductive surfaces. Electrolytic marking is a corrosion process which attacks the material surface & takes out the material using low voltage in combination with a Stencil & Electrolyte. A depth of 3-5 microns is achieved in 3-4 seconds. You need a controller, stencils, an Electrolyte & Neutralyte for after-treatment to stop the corrosion. Marking of graphics, trademarks or scales is possible on flat, convex, concave or round surfaces light or dark. Our marking technology can be expanded from a simple hand device to partial or full automation.

Electrolytic Product Range


  • Good quality marking for fast & economic marking requirements.

  • Flexible System controller.

  • Pneumatic workstation available for marking in larger quantities.

  • Stamp, stencils, work holders.

  • Ideal for marking of large pictures & round work-pieces.

  • Fast & works without any problem on light or dark logos, writings, graphics & scales on straight, concave, convex or other surfaces.